Born in Ängelholm in the south of Sweden, Markus moved to the Swedish second biggest city Gothenburg at four years old. After finishing high school, he joined the Swedish Marines as a sailor, but being away weeks on a ship did not suit his life at the time and he decided to work in Gothenburg instead.

Markus first interaction with coffee was during high school. Then after quitting the marines, Markus got a job at a roastery and café in Gothenburg called Da Matteo. The original plan from here was to study the coming autumn, but the interest in coffee grew strong and he eventually found himself with a fulltime position at Da Matteo in Gothenburg March 2013. As time went by, he worked half time with Christian at the roastery and half time as a head barista with manager Gabriella in the café, both of which he today runs Morgon Coffee Roasters with. Working beside them, you could say he is the connecting link that got them all together. His passion for coffee kept growing and he engaged himself in everything from competitions to teaching coffee to customers at courses and roasting fulltime. With his experience, he has won the Swedish Cupping Championship and competed in the World Championship together with travels visiting coffee farms in Colombia. In 2016 he got the chance to travel to Colombia and feel his passion grow even more.

When working at Da Matteo, Markus motivation came from the learning experiences he got there. Also that he was able freely to choose to so many things to learn from, there was always something new to learn.

” Starting Morgon, the motivation was to be a part of starting something new, creative and fun while still exploring and learning more about the world of coffee”

Something that has gotten even more focus is the opportunity to work closely with their producers and growing the relationship between himself and the farmers. Not only does he and the rest of the Morgon crew provide job opportunities at the farms but they also want to know what makes them happy growing coffee, what do they want to focus on and evolve. Morgon just doesn’t want to sell a great coffee but also makes sure that everybody involved gets to learn, evolve, do what they think is important and fulfilling.

His favorite coffee at the moment?
Caturra bean variety from Colombian producer Sandra Milena Mora. After they have just finished their summer crop he’s really looking forward to the soon and upcoming winter crop.