I love the community that surrounds specialty coffee and is so happy to be a part of it! So it hurts me to see that this community is struggling. My feed is full of roasters and café owners that have been affected by the Coronavirus and how it has changed our ways. Their operations are dependent on how we, the customers, decide to act and behave. They are often small companies and, sadly, many of them will not survive this crisis. The same is rest for the rest of society. Many countries have announced billions of euros to prevent the economy from collapsing. But this money will, in most cases, go to the big corporations and the small businesses that are the foundation of our community will not see a cent. For many companies, it is life or death. Many coffee shops have already made the tough decision of closing their places, more will follow.

The same is true for the passionate people who put their love into creating the ceramics we sell on Ceramics & More, the illustrators and the artist we adore, the restaurants we enjoy, and the shops we frequent. Everybody who is a small business owner will be affected, without mercy.

When we look back at this painful era in our existence, it will be easy to remember the restrictions, the illness, and the death toll. But I do believe that we can transform this perception! By ordering some coffee from your favorite roaster or why not a new one (many have discounts and free shipping) you can support the roasters. By going into a coffee shop you like and buying a coffee and something to eat, you will help them stay in business. By placing an order with your favorite potter, buying a nice illustration, or in some other way showing your love for someone struggling. This is of course not a complete list, but by doing something for someone else we can make sure that we remember these times as times of solidarity, times when we united and helped those in our society who are having a hard time.

Stay safe and spread the love!

This text was first published in a shorter form on Sebastians Instagram