I moved to Warsaw from Tel Aviv in 2004 to start my medical studies. During the studies, I opened up my first cafe. It was obviously struggling since I had 2 other jobs, a young baby, exams and all the difficulties of a new business.

When I graduated – I decided to take some time off from the path of doctors, in order to bring my cafe to at least a break-even point. Time went by, and I got more and more sucked into this fabulous works of coffee, I was fascinated and hooked. I wanted to do everything, started to import green beans from a friend’s farm in Colombia, roasting, importing and servicing espresso machines, and obtaining new clients.
Time went by and I felt this was the right place for me. 🙂
The reason I get up in the morning excited to go to work is for a few reasons; I have a great team, which gives me a very versatile broad-spectrum feedback on everything, from new ideas, new coffees, new events, everything.
During the years we also built that relationship with some of our regulars, which allows me to also see things from the perspective of the user, end-client.
The other things that excite me, is the community feel. For someone that is semi-shy, having the platform of the cafe to start chatting with random strangers is fantastic.
And lastly – the world of coffee is constantly evolving, changing, moving, it’s alive, so in truth – there is never a dull moment, and always something new to learn, try, improve. I love this “hunt for perfection”.
Cophied was an idea created out of the interest to create a bean-to-cup concept of traceability and transparency regarding fun merch for the coffee community, so for example – our posters are done in collaboration with fantastic local artists, and our socks are made in local textile facilities, creating more jobs and helping support local communities. For me, that – and the fact that we use organic dyes that don’t leave a footprint on the planet means everything.
Our coffee shop – well, for an honest answer you would probably need to ask the customers, for me – its backstage passes to the Jimmy Hendrix experience, with the finesse of miles Davis kind of blue. It’s everything from experimental coffees and milk alternatives, to a standard classic cappuccino.

We recently took the project of polish Aeropress championship on us, which is extremely exciting and something to look forward to.
We also recently launched a new vegetable-based milk, building a new brewing device and a few more bunnies here and there…
With World of Coffee around the corner and in Poland – there’s a good chance we will showcase some of these things there.

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