I was born in Gorzów Wielkopolski, Poland, where I spent my whole childhood and teenage years. I moved to Sweden in July 2018 after I finished my BA in cognitive science (at Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń). Now I’m a proud inhabitant of Eslöv.

I had two main reasons to move to Sweden – first, to finally live with my boyfriend, second, to study at Lund University.
Right now I’m on my final term of cognitive semiotics specialization, which is a part of Language and Linguistics MA programme.
My style is partly inspired by the works of Megan Rhiannon – a very talented young illustrator from London. I use clean, thin lines and dimmed colors. My illustrations resemble “mood boards” – I pick the pieces that I think go together, or that in some ways represent what I’m trying to express, and then arrange them so that they can become a meaningful whole.
I started creating as a way of calming myself down, being mindful and focused, so I could stop my thoughts from racing uncontrollably.
My Hogwarts house is Ravenclaw, I’m a big fan of Moomin, and besides coffee, I’m passionate about the subject of mental health.
Besides illustrating, I study, work part-time at Djäkne kaffebar in Malmö, do yoga and scroll through Instagram way too often.

When I first tried specialty coffee (it was an Aeropress on Ethiopian beans roasted by Koppi) I fell in love directly and completely. That’s when I started dreaming about working as a barista. My dreams came true a few months later when I got a job at Central Coffee Perks in Toruń, where I worked until I moved from Poland.
I love the atmosphere of specialty coffee places, love the dedication and work put in each and every cup, and probably most importantly – I love the tastes that specialty coffee has to offer.

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