Remember the summer of 2018? How there was a heatwave that hovered over Europe for weeks? During this heatwave, my wife and I went to Prague. We had a long list of things to do and see, but one thing I really wanted to do was to take the bus a few stations down the road from where we were living. With the help of Google Maps we found our destination. Bisqit Ceramics.

I had discovered their work on Instagram a year earlier and had fallen deeply in love with the minimalistic cups the created.

The door to the basement where the studio is located was open, but a chair blocked the entrance. The studio looked empty and we hesitated if we should just barge in or not when we saw someone move in the back of the space. A woman saw us and told us that they were just letting some air in, that they were closed. I explained that I followed their work online and that it would be greatly appreciated if we could just have a quick look. The woman let us in and presented herself as Zuzana Firla, one half of the duo who make up Bisqit Ceramics.

Half of the studio is strictly for working, a creative chaos where some of the best ceramics in Europe are realized. The other half is kind of a showroom for their work. On a thin but long shelf, all the cups I had seen on Instagram stood in a neat line. I immediately found two cups I needed to add to my cup collection. I did not even look at the price or think that something else had to go if they were to fit in our suitcases for the flight home. It did not matter anyway! We chatted with Zuz for a long while and when I left she had insisted that we take a third cup as a gift.

We have remained in contact ever since and the Bisqit part of the cup collection has steadily been growing.

What sets bisqit apart from other studios? First of all, it is the fact that a sense of high quality imbues every sense of their products. It is the best clay, an expert knowledge on how to handle the clay, it is also the choice of boxes that the cups are delivered in. Secondly, they have a sense of design that is not common. They have found an aesthetic that has become their brand, the eye for detail is unmatched, and their choices of colors are amazing.

When we started Ceramics & More, Bisqit Ceramics was one of the first producers I knew we should work with. In the store, you will find a selection of cups curated for you, and we look forward to a long and rewarding partnership with the studio.

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