The idea of Ceramics & More is both simple and complex. The simple part is to create a shop that brings products that are not easily available. The complex part is to create a shop that brings products together that are not easily available.

Let us explain. It is not hard today to get a shop running, have some products that you hope will sell, and promote it on social media. Anyone can do that. Really. We, Sebastian Franzén and Vincent Lundström think that there should be more to it than that. For years there have been shops, online and offline, that sell products within the areas we will focus on. Often cramming thousands of products into a small space, hoping something will sell at least. We hope we do not offend anyone when we say that those places often lack focus, love, and a sense of direction.
When we first conceived the idea of Ceramics & More we vowed not to become such a place. Instead, we see ourselves as curators. We find precious gems that we fall in love with and hope that you will feel the same way about it. We believe that relationships and quality should go hand-in-hand. We want you, the customer, to be able to relate to the producers we work with.
No matter if it is a beautiful cup, a lovely art print, or a cool pair of barista socks, we will not only offer you the product, no, we will also tell you the story of the producer. We will do this through this storytelling part of the site. Here you will, among other things, find articles about the producers, we will also have recommendations for you for ceramics (and more) that we find extra special. These recommendations will, of course, revolve around our shop, but we know that there are other things out there that you will not be able to buy here, but that still is awesome. We will recommend those things as well. We will also bring in guest-authors that will talk about the subject they are passionate about.

With this post we launch Ceramics & More! We hope you will like it!