No one has missed the corona/covid-19 outbreak and the crisis that is upon us. The economical impact has been massive, with new reports of mass redundancies every day. It is not hard to imagine that our societies will look different after all this is over than it did before. In times like these, we have to stick together. The words the Swedish prime minister said in an address to the nation, “no one is alone in this crisis, but each person has a heavy responsibility”, is something that we should take to heart. The specialty coffee community has always been about two things, at least to me. First of all, it’s the sense of community, to be able to share your experiences and to learn from other people with the same interest. Second, it is about supporting all the amazing roasters, producers, and other coffee personalities that make this community a reality.

With this in mind, it is easy to think that something should be done, it is harder to do it as a single person. That is why the initiative #brewathome was born. It is a two-part movement. The first part is to connect coffee lovers around the globe and to strengthen the community in times when it is easy to feel alone. The second part is about showing support for the coffee shops, the roaster, and all the other businesses that are struggling right now. Use the hashtag #brewathome to share your brews, your coffee ideas, and to connect with other enthusiasts. It is also a way to get into contact with local and international companies that are in need of your support right now. If we do not show our love and support in these hard times, the businesses that we know today may just as well have defaulted before this crisis is over.

The campaigns backbone is the non-profit organization I Am Not A Barista, there is a lot of information on the website, both for you as a coffee lover and consumer, but also for the companies. There is a need for volunteers right now, check the site for more information.

As a part of this campaign Ceramics & More are now offering a 15% discount on all coffee if you use the code BREWATHOME in the check-out. Many other companies are having similar discounts. Go check it out!

#brewathome at Instagram
#brewathome on I Am Not A Baristas website